How to Write a Great College Essay for Your Teen


How to Write a Great College Essay for Your Teen


If you have a student who has applied to college and is ready to write an essay, you should know that admissions officers are looking for specific traits in an essay. The following are five traits that admissions officers look for. Remember, this is your child's essay and they should be focusing on these traits to increase their chances of admission. Using these five traits will make the process easier for you. Keep reading for tips and tricks that will help your teen write a great college essay.

An essay is a short piece of writing that is usually under 500 words. It is a freeform format and can be used for rhetorical thinking. Despite this, many people never learn how to write an essay. In fact, it was taught as an assignment in school. It may be hard for some students to grasp the concept, but essay writing is a skill that will help them to achieve their goals. There are numerous reasons to write an essay, including the fact that it is fun and flexible.

The first reason why writing an essay about adolescence is so difficult is because the brain is undergoing a lot of change. In this stage, the brain improves its ability to focus, which can result in a variety of problems. In addition, the speed of registering things increases, as does the capacity to self-analyze. The transition to adulthood is challenging and stressful for many teenagers. Consequently, adolescence is a period of immense personal growth and change.