How to Write a Good Additional Reading List

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How to Write a Good Additional Reading List


Additional readings are valuable for developing your knowledge base. If you are having trouble reading a particular article, you should consider what you have read elsewhere to fill in the gaps. Further reading can broaden your knowledge and inform your opinion. Here are some tips for writing an additional reading list. Listed below are some guidelines for further reading. To make sure your additional reading list is useful, consider the following tips. Listed below are some examples of useful sources for additional reading.

When choosing a book to read, you must consider its length, subject matter, and quality. Obviously, you can't read everything in a single sitting, but you can try to find books with brief summaries and indexes. Reading materials for exams and tests should be in the proper order, so that you don't have to re-read the same passages over again. If an assignment is long, try to break it up into short segments so that you can read it in small sections.