As time has passed, essay writing has taken on a new form. The early writers of essays followed the cause-and-effect form, and they frequently used current events and philosophical works to entertain their readers. Later, fictional essay writers such as Jonathan Franzen tried to usurp the genre, and their efforts have met with varying success. Whether they succeed or fail, the future of the essay genre is still unknown, but the possibilities are endless.

In terms of style and content, essays today fall into two distinct categories: formal and informal. The first, the factual pole, is composed of essays that describe specific events, while the second, the concrete pole, contains essays that are not personal. These writers often draw conclusions from relevant data and avoid referring to personal experience. The third, the abstract-universal pole, meanwhile, focuses on the nature of ideas and a general audience.

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Aside from these types of writing, essays have also evolved. Lord Montaigne, a prominent French philosopher, wrote some of the first essays in the history of writing. His essays have influenced writers all over the world. In fact, Montaigne is often credited as the father of the modern essay. They are examples of essays that deal with different topics, such as personal and public issues. The first essays were "attempts" written by a writer.

Besides academic writing, essays are also popular for their literary and political value. Almost all modern essays are written in prose. Some works in verse have been labelled as essays as well. Usually, essays are short, whereas works that are very long or complex are counterexamples of this genre. Regardless of the style of writing, essays are widely used in different fields. So, how do you write an essay? Here are some tips.

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However, students should remember that plagiarism detection software is a real threat. The software checks your writing against a huge database of written work. So, while you may justify essay buying as a necessary part of keeping up with the times, you risk getting caught. If the process is not fair, you might be accused of plagiarism. This is not only an academic embarrassment, but can result in expulsion. A student who is desperate enough to cheat will not hesitate to commit a crime.